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Collection : SpecialForceNFT

Auction deadline : Until successful bidder selection

*A collection of characters wearing items at the Special Force World Championship (SWFC) held in Thailand, a global e-sports festival 2017 *When you purchased a NFT , you will have the original video frame which you can play the video in it. *글로벌 e 스포츠 페스티벌 2017 태국에서 개최 된 스페셜 포스 월드 챔피언십 (SWFC)에서 아이템을 착용 한 캐릭터 컬렉션 *구입하시면 디지털액자용 동영상 원본 파일이 제공됩니다.
3% royalty will be provided to copyright holders when selling.
Minimum Price
87,000 KRW
Current Highest Price : 87,000 (KRW)

FPS game that enjoys 100 million people all over the world