End of sale

Impatient Tiger Social Club NFT

End of sale

Impatient Tiger Social Club NFT

Issuing Chain ETHEREUM
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"NO ROADMAP ! For The CULTURE !" Korea's culture is booming all over the world. But why are NFTs, whose essence is culture, ignored in the global market? We should go back to the essence and purely enjoy the NFT culture, and this project was planned to promote the beauty of Korea to the world. There is a saying that “the most Korean thing is the most global thing!” As K-Culture has been known to the world, ITSC will become a representative NFT of Korea in the global market. Everyone who loves Korea is a member of the 'Impatient Tiger Social Club'. ‘ITSC will be the most global thing’.
Chain info
Contract Address 0x6413501561fC8780b937854525f3348fB0Ea83FF
Blockchain ethereum
서비스 이용약관 개인정보 처리방침

23, Seonyu-ro 49-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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